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10 Years From Now Essay

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Colie Carlson
Technical writing
4th period

10 year reflection essay
Well in the past ten years I have been going to schooling to become a veterinarian technician and an equine trainer. In those years that I have been doing so I have traveled around the country quite a lot. I am really excited to be seeing everyone again mostly all of the people I hung out with during school.
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After the first year of schooling I got into the hang of things and became better and learned at lot from the schooling I had to do. Then after that going into the equine trainer schooling was easier for me because I already knew the anatomy of the horses and everything that was medical I just needed to learn how to train them.
After I finished all of that I was paid a lot of money to travel across the country to train peoples horses and go to clinics to teach people how to get a better connection with their horse and how to help train their horse themselves. Traveling the country was fun but I missed where I came from I haven't been able to come back here until now because of work.
I really missed all of you because I missed all of the memories that we shared. Spending time with everyone and causing trouble for each other. I remember that I loved going to school just to see my friends because I never really liked it.
All in all this is what I have been doing the past ten years. I'm sure your lives have been way more interesting than mine.

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