10k Analysis

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Urban Outfitters (In Thousands)
Profitability: Gross Margin =37%
Activity: Payable Turnover= 28.2
Leverage: Debt to Assets= 0.25
Liquidity: Current= 3.5
Market: Book Value per Share= 0.009277

Gap (In Millions)
Profitability: Gross Margin= 65%
Activity: Payable Turnover=13.6
Leverage: Debt to Assets= 0.61
Liquidity: Current= 1.76
Market: Book Value per Share= 0.00625

Urban Outfitters is an average profitable company with a gross margin of 37% where Gap’s is above average at 65%. Gap’s margin is ...view middle of the document...

When it comes to the activity of the companies Urban Outfitters is more efficient in turning over their product at 28.2 where Gap’s is only 13.6. Urban Outfitters most likely has lower inventory on hand so it turns more quickly. It also appeals to a wider range of young people who tend to shop on a whim as appose to a Gap shopper who shops on a need basis. In terms of leverage Urban Outfitters is doing much better in terms of debt to assets having at only 25% as appose to Gap at 60%. When it comes to Liquidity Urban Outfitters again comes out on top. Gap has a much lower current, short term, liquidity meaning if the company for some reason needs to raise money it would have a very hard time coming up with the money because they do not have as much capital available. This could mean many things from not owning the store out right, carrying a lot of debt, or have high leases. When it comes to market value Urban Outfitters again performs better than Gap. If the company was to liquidate for whatever reason Urban Outfitters shareholders would receive more for their shares than Gap would. From the analysis that was done it seems like Urban Outfitters is a much more profitable company in more ways than one.

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