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20th Century Diversity In A Changing World

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20th Century Diversity in a Changing World

20th Century Diversity in a Changing World
The diversity of the art world has had many changes throughout many years of different styles and cultures. The Chicago World's Fair in 1893 was one of the starting points for American art to be seen and enjoyed by the world (Doss, E 2002). The Chicago World's Fair displayed Neo-classical architecture and Neoclassical style of art the help reinforce cultural progress and leadership (Doss, E 2002). The architecture and art that was seen during this time were known as the Gilded Age Art. The art was flashy and extravagant and designed for the American with a big wallet (Doss, E 2002). There ...view middle of the document...

It was said that female paintings were different and not made for everyone compared to the male artists whose work was accepted by everyone. The female artist decided to put a feminist spin on their artwork by doing what they called de-gendering process ("The Art History Archive", n.d.). De-gendering was done so that America could tell that the art was produced by a woman and not a male ("The Art History Archive", n.d.). With the female artist ready to take on the world they formed Feminist Art Program that established art class for women and opened up their art galleries that accepted male artist (Doss, E 2002). Colleges and universities by the mid-70s were offering women's study courses programs and art magazine showing and discussing the artwork of many talented women (Doss, E 2002). In the 1970s, Title IX was passed ushering in funded sports programs for female athletes and the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion ("The Art History Archive", n.d.). From the early 60s all the way to present day, women have taken on the fight for equal rights to show the world that they can do anything a man can do if not better. Over the past few decades' women have accomplished a lot from walking in space, Woman Basketball Association (WBA), College Professors and high positions of power in politics.
Over the last 200 years, minorities in America have had an uphill fight in the areas of art and equality for every man and woman. In the 1930s and 40s, African Americans began to show the world of art and Americans the real struggle of black men and woman. Black artist portrayed African-Americans as real people and not the myths the other artist used (Doss, E 2002). From the mid-1950 to the late 60s there was the civil rights movement, which was a means for African Americans to have a voice inequality in the world (Doss, E 2002). Great Civil Rights Leaders like Martin Luther King that helped to lead African Americans to equality and to be seen and heard by America. There were also those who were considered militant (Malcolm X) leaders that did the same thing without turning the other cheek. Throughout history, African Americans and other minorities have put up a fight for equal rights to vote, receive equal education, equal pay, and total equality (Doss, E 2002). With the battle equality ongoing, America has made changes in ensuring that each man and women in the world were treated as an equal. So, now there are also minorities that have become influential figures in politics as well as have minority men in women who have walked in space and produced some of the best forms of art the world has ever seen.
America the great experiment in free democracy, Western Europe art values, and old inappropriate models had to modernize (Doss, E 2002). Due to our nation's cultural diversity, art has a fundamental role that is essential to our continued existences. Cultural diversity influenced art and has always been here. However, some forget or...

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