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4 Dep Essay

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Developing Yourself as an Effective HR/L&D Practitioner

Activity A

The HR Professional Map
It is the map that directs the HR Professionals at each level (generalist or specialist) to figure out what they need to do so as to deliver correct output at whichever stage of the career they are working at. The map is a threshold set for the individuals exhibiting HR excellence. It describes the knowledge and activities as well as the behaviours that are absolutely needed for smooth ...view middle of the document...

The HR Professional Map is divided as follows:
Core Professional Areas: The centre of the map enfolds two main professional areas which are relevant and related to all the people in the HR profession irrespective of the position or the level these people work at. These two are, namely,
1. Insights,Solutions and Strategy
2. Leading HR
Specialist Professional Areas: Apart from two core profession areas, there are 8 special profession areas which states that there is a need of understanding what is to be done at each band of competence from beginner competence to an advanced one. These are 8 areas, namely,
1. Organisation Design
2. Organisation Development
3. Resource and Talent Planning
4. Learning and Talent Development
5. Performance and Reward
6. Employee Engagement
7. Employee Relations
8. Service, Delivery and Information
Behaviours: Perfection and efficiency in carrying out the activities described in the professional areas are governed by certain behaviours which need to be incorporated while carrying out these activities for their successful accomplishment. These behaviours include,
1. Curious
2. Decisive Thinker
3. Skilled Influencer
4. Personally Credible
5. Collaborative
6. Driven to Deliver
7. Courage to Challenge
8. Role Model
Bands: The profession
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