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4ps Research Essay

5932 words - 24 pages


Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps): Examining Gaps and Enhancing
Strategies in Cebu City, Philippines

Adrian Boyett D. Agbon
Fiscalina Amadora-Nolasco
Elmira Judy T. Aguilar
Rhoderick John S. Abellanosa
Lauren Ligaton
University of San Carlos
Cebu City, Philippines


Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps):
Examining Gaps and Enhancing Strategies in
Cebu City, Philippines*
Adrian Boyett D. Agbon, Fiscalina Amadora-Nolasco, Elmira Judy T. Aguilar,
Rhoderick John S. Abellanosa, and Lauren Ligaton

*This work was carried out via a grant from the Global Development Network/East Asian
Development ...view middle of the document...

Evelyn Macapobre;


The accommodating personnel and staff of DSWD 7: Anthony G. Arcenal, Raquel Daria,
James Pardillo, Christopher Tanate, Janice N. Beltran, Johannah A. Lunor, Donald Rey
Dejatco, Maria Ivy Aguilar and Rachelle Cuizon, for their help in providing us data on
Pantawid and verifying the NHTS-PR database;


Fr. Dionisio M. Miranda, SVD, USC President; Dr. Danilo B. Largo, Research Director,
Office of Research; Dr. Ramon S. del Fierro, and CAS Dean, Dr. Fiscalina AmadoraNolasco, Coordinator, Social Science Research Center for the logistical support for the



Our field interviewers Sonia Tongco, Bong Caballero, Dennis Mendoza, Leonor
Comendador, Alicia M. Estillore; field supervisor Brenette Abrenica; and key informant
specialist Rhoderick John Abellanosa;


The office of Mayor Michael Rama, the focal persons and other officials of the 10
barangays for accommodating us during our visit; and


The Department of Education and Department of Health for granting us the interviews.


The study looks into the set 1 beneficiaries of Pantawid Pamilya in Cebu City, Philippines,
where a survey was done to compare the beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries in the ten program
sites. The basic socio-economic and demographic characteristics of the two groups are similar in
many respects. The National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction Data (NHTSPR) data complements the survey data of the socio-economic profile of the beneficiaries and
non-beneficiaries in the 10 program sites. Results of the regression analysis strengthen the need
for the beneficiary households to be in the Pantawid program.
Moreover, the regression coefficients provide clearer insights on the variables that determine the
participation of the poor in social protection programs such as Pantawid. The significant factors--i.e., those with higher marginal effects---are: house ownership, type of water source, ownership
of an electric fan, ownership of a DVD/CD player, and number of bed rooms.
It is interesting to note that the poorest of the poor may not be encouraged to participate in the
program as the cost of compliance may be greater than their expected benefits. Nonetheless,
based on the beneficiaries’ impressions, such target group is satisfied with the implementation
process of the program. They appreciate the seminars and trainings, particularly those on
responsible parenthood, and family development and planning. Focus group discussions and key
informant interviews provided the venues for further discussions on the relevant issues and
challenges faced by different agencies implementing the 4Ps.
Overall, the case of Cebu City is considerably a success, particularly in terms of targeting the
beneficiaries and the crucial role of citilink and focal persons of each barangay. However, there
are areas for improvements that need to be recognized such as how to limit the information

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