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A Brothers Murder Essay

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Yesica Velez
Eng A -3.31.11-
In “A Brother’s Murder”, written by Brent Staples, the author narrates about how the life around her, growing up in Chicago, was centered around people committing murders. The author tells us about several cases where men in her childhood took extreme action and decided to shoot somebody for insignificant reasons. The author felt there was no life living around a life like this, and went to college. Eventually she moved away from the town, But her biggest concern was her brother who still lived ...view middle of the document...

the author feels remorse for not being able to take her brother out of that atmosphere in time and forever feels sad about her brother not ending up in different circumstances. The writer feels a bit of guilt for her brothers fate because she could perceive that he would follow on a tragedy. she tried to influence him towards a different path, but she feels her attempts were too late in he’s life. At the end of the story, the author dreams about her brother, walking out of her hands.
If her brother would have payed attention to her, he would have had a different destiny.
I can understand exactly how she feels. for example: when i was in high school, i did not do much school work, and eventually i ended up dropping out, but getting out in the work field, and knowing how hard it is to live “ok” with out studies, made me get into college. so now that i see how my old high school friends following other kid’s bad steps, i try really hard to encourage them to do better than that because i can see they are going to struggle if they dont study. like the author, i feel sad to see that some of those friends refuse to listen. and we know how their future will be.

Brent, Staples. “ A Brother’s Murder” Evergreen With Reading. ED Susan Faucett. Wadsworth Center Learning, 2009.

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