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A Business Plan Essay

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Student I.D: L0484LMLMM0212
Surname: Bessa
First Name: Wajdi
Module Code: 201202-MBA1-MSE
Module Name : Management skills and entrepreneurship
Programme: MBA intake 1
Submission Date : 20 April 2012

Business Plan | April 19


1/ Executive summary: 4
2/ industry, customer and competitors’ analysis 5
2.1/ competitor analysis: Porter forces 6
3/ Company and production description 7
3.1 Company description: 7
3.2/ ...view middle of the document...

There are also residential areas under construction, W B deli aims to become one of the most demanded food provider in the area.
Since there are no many fast food shops or restaurants in Beddington lane, it is difficult for people to get lunch there unless they prepare their own meal before leaving home which is a waste of time and energy, or going far away during the short break time to buy lunch. The main idea consists in approaching consumers and offering them food without being bothered to leave their offices, work places…
. We will count on deliverers to bring the food to our customers wherever they are ( offices , factories schools, building sites…) Our delivery team will be using bikes with trolleys containing coolers to keep the drinks and chocolate bars cold, as well as hot flasks to keep the soup warm.
The choice of this mean of delivery is due to two main reasons: first it helps to avoid the traffic congestion so we can reach our customers easily and in the shortest time, and second it will cost less than any other mean of transport as we won’t need petrol or high expenses for maintenance.
The company will be owned by two people:
- Wajdi Bessa: MBA from London school of commerce.
-Bertrand Marchand : master in finance from London school of business and finance
The initial investment will be 20000£ provided by the owners. We will also get a bank loan for 6548.72 £.
Furthermore, the company is planning to grow by increasing the number of rounds and then by setting up a new depot in a different area. To achieve this gaol, the company needs to invest for the communication and the promotion of its products.
2/ industry, customer and competitors’ analysis

The project is a part of food service industry. “it’s defined as the sale of food and drinks for immediate consumption either on the premises from which they were bought, or in designated eating areas shared with other foodservice operators”. (Marketline, january2012).
The industry contains different segments such as restaurants, fast food shops, takeaways and street and mobile vendors.
The foodservice industry depends on its macro environment which is composed of four main factors. (PEST)
* Political factors:
The foodservice market is under the control of numerous rules and legislations:
* In October 2011, the national minimum wage rates have increased to 6.08£ for adults, 4.98£ for 18-20 year olds, 3.68£ for 16-17 year olds and 2.60£ for apprentices (key note2011).
* Stricter hygiene legislations are made in order to keep high standards for health and safety.
* Stricter rules for the immigration as non-European workers do not have flexible working allowance. (key note 2011)

* Economic factors
* The demand may be affected by economic trends such as inflation: foodservice providers will be obliged to increase their prices in a period of inflation and consequently, the demand will decrease.
* The VAT increase (20% in January 2011) had an effect on the...

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