A Case Studies A Student's Disruptive Behavior

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Ken Hayes
Classroom Engagement and Management
August 11th 2013
Shica Little

A case studies a student's disruptive behavior.
I’d like to take make a case study of a person I shall call Max. Now Max is a student who is normally a good student but has a I think I know everything type attitude so sometimes he becomes a disruption for he likes to show off to the class with his storehouse of knowledge and can sometimes test the teacher’s patience. In this case study I shall go through the behavior cycle as listed in our textbook, “Lee Canter’s Classroom Management for Academic Success.” For instance the first part of the cycle mentions using explicit directions or to ...view middle of the document...

You do this by after giving the class a narration of what you just told them for instance, we would use Max as an example to illustrate my point. In a loud voice I’d say; “I see that Max is going to his seat and starting on his Saturn worksheet.” In doing this you stay away from praising which over time will cease to work and even after a time can come to sound kind of phony. Sometimes you can use this in a way to address the entire classroom, in such a way as this; “I see that the students of group six have begun to work on their Saturn worksheets. “ In doing this you are not praising them but you are letting them know through this narration that you are aware of what is going on and that you as the teacher are on top of things. One thing that I’d also bring up in using the Behavioral Narration is what the text terms as the 2 second rule this means that 2 seconds after you have given instructions to the class you begin to monitor the class then begin narrating the behavior of the students such as; “I see that Deb and Cricket are going to their seats without talking and are now doing their Saturn worksheets.”
Another thing that teachers can use in motivating and working in tandem with behavioral narration is a Points-on-the-Board Reward System. In this you can use it in such a way like this; “I see that Max, and Katy are now working on their Saturn worksheets and have earned the class 2 points.” The points can lead up to an award that the class will be excited to have as a reward such as some free time or even towards a class party at the end of the month or something like that.
Now we shall take a look at corrective action and how it relates to our case study of Max. First of all the text mentions that using disciplinary consequences can reduce disruptive behavior by 30% (something I totally agree with). Now lets say the teacher asks her students to put away their Saturn worksheets and now tells them to take out their science books and start reading the chapter on Uranus the planet next in our Solar System. Well, Max starts to make some crude and inappropriate remarks concerning Uranus, which causes a disruption in the classroom. According to the text its time for corrective action in this the text mentions using the 10 second rule which states that as you are using the management narration and at the same time is when Max makes his remarks this is when the teacher steps in and says something like this; “Max, I need you to please stop...

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