A Comparative Investigation And Evaluation Of Oracle9 I And Sql Server2000 With Respect To Performance And Scalability

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A Comparative Investigation and Evaluation of Oracle9i and SQL server2000 with
respect to Performance and Scalability
By Phathisile Sibanda
Supervisor: Mr John Ebden
Computer Science Department, Rhodes University
26 September 2005
Abstract: Performance and scalability are two
omnipotent factors determining database
availability and reliability. This is especially true
for modern computer systems due to the
inclusion of the Internet in Online transaction
applications which use databases. This evolution
gave birth to an enduring need for high
throughput, good response time, excellent data
consistency and concurrency control. This paper
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This would be accomplished
through the use of a combination of standard
benchmarks (TPC-C) embedded in third party
software like Quest Central 2005 for Oracle and
SQL server 2000 and performance tuning tools
like System Monitor and Analysis Manager
included with these products. Furthermore,
technical features influencing performance and
scalability in these systems will be examined to
support the benchmark results at the end of this

2. Motivation
There is a heating debate amongst Database
Administrators as to which DBMS performs
better under certain conditions. Two factors
prompting this debate include the increasing
number of open source databases flooding the

3. Methodology
3.1 Performance and Scalability
Testing Environment
The performance testing environment comprises
of three machines as depicted by Fig1.1 below.
The client machine was used as the controller of
the experiment for remotely managing,
monitoring and controlling both servers.
Processes carried out from this machine included
remote load and data simulation, benchmark
testing using TPC-C1 benchmark embedded in
Quest central software and data capturing for
presentation and analysis. All three PCs are
connected through a 100 Mb cable to the Rhodes
Computer Science LAN. To minimise the effect
of the network latency the author carried out

TPC-C stands for Transaction Processing Performance
Council Vision C (Transaction Performance Council,


Fig 1.1 Performance Testing Environment
Experiments during periods of low network
NOTE also that remote monitoring and
performance testing was not used for all
scenarios in which case network sensitivity was
not an issue.
The following provides definitions of two
(functional and performance testing processes)
processes used by the author to perform
performance and scalability testing.

3.2 Functional/Baseline Test
a) Baseline Definition
A baseline is simply "a set of measurements that
tell you how a server behaves while at rest", is
basically a complete record of the system
performance taken immediately after the server
becomes operational, but before the server is put
under any measurable load. The baseline is
taken in a controlled environment, so that

external activities do not impact the baseline
measurements. All significant features of the
system performance are measured against
predefined metrics2 and later recorded and
Functional testing goals include: Telling you all
about the performance of a server under normal
performance test results and helping you build
filters to catch “do not respond” situations
before performance testing the servers. This
allows you to respond to problems that need to
be rectified before stressing your application

3.3 Performance Tests
Performance testing comprised four processes:
a) Load testing.

These predefined matrixes are simply...

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