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A Country Well Blessed Essay

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For a Country blessed beyond measure????... ??unlocking the potentials of a people most endowed.

How powerful is this commandment!
??"... Love your neighbour as yourself"
You do want to know who your neighbour is right? Ok!
???? just step into the street for a while..... can you see them?

The question about who your neighbour is classified more by a stranger (especially the one in need).
The true depiction of a man's neighbour is in the identity of "...that man who comes from only God knows where!"

The weight of the actual and factual meaning of a neighbour ...view middle of the document...

when a man is prepared to die for a cause such as money and material benefits or in favour of marrying virgins in yonder land; you wonder, does he love himself?

when youths drug themselves and engage in habits that do not add to their spiritual and physical health, do they love themselves?

When people become care-freely flamboyant in youthful life and refuse to invest in their personal development and later resort to the blame-game for their failures and woes in life, do they love themselves?

When a child/youth is instructed on the right path of life but chooses to characterize destructive tendencies, do they love themselves?

Does sleeping all night and Chit-chatting all day indicate that a person loves himself?
[Most likely that the things we do at times to ourselves is not an expression of love.

To this end, we must 1st love ourselves sincerely otherwise, we will be transferring the wrong expression of "love". We cannot give what we do not have.

For Posterity's sake, for the family, for the society and for the beloved country.

I celebrate YOU!
The name is Bennett Essien... Enjoy the rest of the day and share if you can.

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