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A Cup Of Tea Essay

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A Cup Of Tea

Born to privilege, Rosemary Fell had wealth, fortune and many well-known friends. First she is described as a neither beautiful woman nor unsightly. As she went through her normal shopping day she happened to encounter a poor girl who asked her for the price of a cup of tea. After a few thoughts, Rosemary decided to offer her a ride to her house and take good care of her. As they were talking in Mrs. Fell’s room, Rosemary’s husband entered the room and asked to speak to her. ...view middle of the document...

After she was done she groomed herself. She did her hair, darkened her eyes, and decorated herself with some rich pearls. She then announced to her husband that the girl is not going to dine with them anymore. At the end of the story, since she felt jealous from the poor girl she asked her husband if he found her pretty or not.

My comment: This story tends to bring out at first the way the rich people lived back in the days. The writer portrays that they could get anything that their heart desired, no matter what price. Then we were shown the good and caring side of some rich people. For Rosemary did overlook the situation of the poor girl, but on the contrary she invited her to her mansion. She wanted to take good care of her and invite her to dinner. However, after her short speech with her husband where he commented on the beauty of the poor girl, she change her mind and decided to let her go. She felt jealous that her husband find a poor girl pretty. She thought that only rick woman who groom themselves with rich ornaments are pretty. Hence she went to her room and put on her fancy jewelry and did her hair, hoping that her husband finds her as gorgeous as the poor girl.

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