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The two primary ways in which capital is transferred between savers and borrowers is by the channeling of funds through direct finance and indirect finance. For example, lender-savers also known as investors who have a available sum of fund but the lack of frequent profitable investment opportunities for them to invest in, and borrower-spenders also known as Issuers who have the investment opportunities that comes along on a frequent basis but the lack of funds. They go through Financial Intermediaries who provide indirect finance with Deposits of Cash and Cash Loans or through Financial Markets who provide direct finance in which when securities are sold and funds transferred. This allows ...view middle of the document...

-Money markets versus capital markets

On the basis of the maturity of the securities traded, an introduction to distinction between money and capital markets can be made. Money markets are usually short-term and only for institution and companies. It is a financial market where only short-term debt instruments, usually maturity of less than one year are traded. Money markets are also mainly markets with large transaction where firms and financial institutions manage their short-term liquidity needs. This would all come in a form known as commercial papers, treasury bills and T-bills. While capital markets are markets in which long-term securities are traded. All this long-term instruments include equity instruments like infinite life, government bonds and corporate bonds with its original maturity of one year or greater. Capital markets securities are often held by financial intermediaries, such as pension funds, mutual funds and insurance companies.
-Primary market versus secondary market

A primary market is a financial market in which new issues of financial securities like bonds and stocks by the issuers also known as the borrowers are sold to initial buyers. For when a corporation issues new securities, money will then flow in from investors to the firm. While a secondary market is one which when securities that have been previously issued can be resold into the market. Primary markets is one that facilitates new financing to corporations. But most of the trading takes place in the secondary markets. This involves the sale of “used” securities from one investor to another.
Q3. Discuss the meaning of an efficient market and explain why stock market may be more efficient than...

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