A Day In The Life Of A Child Soldier

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I wake up to the sound of war. It’s normal now, I’ve been here for a while. My back aches and I have mosquito bites all over my body. I’m forced to sleep on the concrete floor in my camp every night. Last night, I dreamt that I was home with my family, playing with my friends at school and eating a meal at my home. I haven’t had a real meal for so long. I know that I won’t get breakfast this morning, I haven’t eaten breakfast for a month now, since they abducted me. I get a few snacks here and there, just to keep me alive, but it’s never anything good.
My commander walks in and yells at us to line up. Everyone stands up and gets into a line, except for a young soldier who refuses to stand ...view middle of the document...

I put my hand on my heart and send a quick prayer to God. Maybe if I go into the building, I can just hide there until I have to go back to the camp. I try to sneak around to the other side of the building to find the entrance. My heart is beating fast. What if an enemy is around the corner? I peek around to see if there’s anyone there, and there is, but they don’t see me. I grab my gun, point it at their head and pull the trigger. I cringe as the soldier falls to ground and slowly dies. I sprint in the opposite direction, just in case anyone was coming for me.
After running for a minute, I look back. No one’s there. Time to find another hiding spot. I look around and I see one of my friends from the camp. I run over to him and we decide that we’re going to hide together. I see a ditch that’s big enough for us to fit in, and I lead him to it. My friend and I climb in. We talk for a while, but soon he falls asleep. I can’t wake him up. I know how tired he must be. I need to protect him.
Several minutes later, I hear foot steps. I peek over the dirt and see an adult. I have to do something. My friend’s life depends on it. I point my gun at the man. I shoot. As soon as I’ve pulled the trigger, I know I’ve messed up. I missed. The man quickly turns around and I duck. Why...

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