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‘’a Flexible Firm Model Optimizes The Use Of Human Resources’’

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‘’A flexible firm model optimizes the use of human resources’’
Kalleberg, 2001

* Social and economic changes in the past century have underscored the need for organizations to have greater employment flexibility.
* Industrial countries and manufacturing sectors emphasize in human resource management that organizations can adapt any changes in technology, in labour markets, price competition, in capital markets internationally and nationally.
* A great deal of attention has been paid in recent years to human resources management practices that are designed to provide employees with skills, information, decision-making responsibility and incentives to improve business ...view middle of the document...

* Approaches
GENERAL RULE: shift from hard to soft HRM processes from time to time
Taylor and Ford: these practises enhance an organization flexibility by providing multi-skilled employees so they can move from one task to another (Wood, 1999)
Regular, full-time workers, high-performance work leads to the result both for employees and employers
Taylor: Belongs to the firsts attempts of job design but there is product inflexibility
The more pieces the worker produces, the higher the pay, in terms of motivation.
Division of tasks and responsibilities, task analysis, training in terms of techniques
Division of tasks, specialization, doing and control leads to job classification
Strict planning and doing
Based on Taylorism with two extra elements like: standardization of tasks to gain economies of scale and establish of long-term principle of mass production to reduce the cost
Limitations of two: Boredom, dissatisfaction, extra cost of supervisor employees, withdrawal of worker’s commitment cause they work by piece they produce
Clearly, new work patterns demand fresh approaches to labour management and design of it
These new approaches distinguish the workers as ‘’core’’ and ‘’peripheral’’ according to Atkinson’s model

Core-Functional Flexibility
1) Full-time permanent employees, receive training-Money invest on that group –its professional development
2) Ready to whatever work is available, any time, anywhere, ability o allocate employees among tasks
3) Important for organizational, job security, high skilled labour
Peripheral-Numerical Flexibility
1) Organizations limit the duration of employment through the use of short-term temporary workers who are hired for finite periods on an as-needed basis.

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