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A Mother's Courage Essay

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Melody Williams inspire others by not giving up when doctors diagnosed her with Ovarian Cancer in 3 different areas. Courage to me is even though you are suffering and in pain, you can still smile and bring joy to the people around you.
In January 1996, Melody was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and it had spread to three different parts of her body, her ovaries, uterus, and her rectum. It was also the size of a lemon. Not knowing her destiny the only thing she could do was pray because she still had two children to ...view middle of the document...

Melody agreed and started her treatments March of 1996.
The radiation placed wear and tear on her body which caused her to drop to a size zero and was weighing in at 97 pounds. Her body was taking in so much of radiation causing her to become so weak that carrying or picking up a gallon of milk was a hard task. Throughout her treatment process she carried a foul rotten odor (similar something that smelled like metallic) from her body due to the excessive amounts of radiation she was receiving. Lastly, she was unable to sleep or eat. Going to bed and waking up hungry was a bad feeling and was causing her body to deteriorate. Melody did this for weeks until one day while taking a nap GOD came to her in a dream and fed her orange juice. While feeding her the orange juice he said to her, “Always drink orange juice.” Waking from that nap she felt replenished and full.
By the time 1997 had rolled around, Melody had completed her radiation treatments. Her cancer had shrunk from the size of a lemon to the size of a sesame seed and has remained dormant even as of today. Melody shows people that no matter how bad their situation might be, it is never too hard to lift your hands in prayer or to get on your knees and say thank you.

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