A Pair Of Silk Stockings By Kate Chopin. Analysis

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A pair of silk stockings by Kate Chopin. Analysis.

A Pair of Silk Stockings is a very realistic situation, because the story is not written in the romantic style it is written as life is. Not everyone gets a happy ending in their story. It is an enjoyable piece of literature because people can relate to Mrs. Sommers life. It is well defined story; Kate Chopin does not try to confuse the readers. 

The setting in the story is not clear, but do believe that it takes place in a regular city. In which they have a shopping center, dining area, theater and a cable car. Mrs.Sommers is in a small shopping area or maybe walks down the street where there are stores. It states, “… she ...view middle of the document...

The Atmosphere and tone in the story is about Mrs. Sommers life, which has turned from motherly and caring, to egoistic and self-caring, and then back. At first she was portrayed as an adoring, caring, mother figure. Kate Chopin wrote “… little brood looking fresh and dainty and new for once in their lives excited her…” (438). This shows that Mrs.Sommers loves her family and she feels very proud about them.  Now Mrs.Sommers is selfish she only cares about herself at this point in the story. The narrator stated, “There was still money in her and her next temptation . . .” (Chopin 442). This explains how Mrs.Sommers lets her emotions and temptations bait her into getting whatever she desired. Thus, Mrs.Sommers shows both sides of her in “A pair of Silk Stockings”.
Mrs.Sommers is a believable character of her time, who acts like any other married woman wanting her freedom. Women of her century can easily relate and understand the troubles of a matrimonial commitment. In A Pair of Silk Stockings Mrs.Sommers is battling herself. Part of her is the protagonist because she is very caring, and only thinks about her children. She is portrayed as a round character in A Pair of Silk Stockings as part of her shows multiple traits. In the beginning when she finds fifteen dollars, Mrs.Sommers mind is already trying to figure out how to spend it. The narrator says “A dollar or two should be added to the price usually paid for Janie’s shoes, which would insure their lasting an appreciable time longer than they usually did”(Kate Chopin 437).  Mrs. Sommers wants to give her children the things they need at a cheap price.  
The other part of her is the antagonist, who competes with the other half of Mrs. Sommers. The antagonist Mrs. Sommers is portrayed in having only one trait, making her a flat character. That one trait of her is being self-centered. Mrs. Sommers demonstrates this trait when she is being fitted for boots. The narrator states, “She wanted an excellent an stylish fit, she told the young fellow who served her, and she did not mind the difference of a dollar or two more in the price as long as she got what she desired” (Kate Chopin 440-441). Mrs. Sommers shows that she did not care of any consequences that the glove may bring as long as she got what she wanted. 
 The major conflict of the story is displayed in many situations. Mrs. Sommers barely has time to take care of herself because she is too occupied with the needs of her family. While some neighbors of Mrs. Sommers remember the good old days of their past Mrs. Sommers wishes she could too but she does not have time to do so. The narrator states, “She had no free time—no second of time to devote to the past. The needs of the present absorbed her every faculty” (Chopin 438). The line on page four hundred thirty-eight clearly shows that her family occupies almost every minute of her life. Mrs. Sommers is exhausted of the tasks she must do for her family and...

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