A Peaceful Evcuation Essay

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One would have to say the Lieutenant Colonel Yaron leadership style is a more authoritarian type leadership. Authoritarian leadership style is also known as autocratic. The autocratic leaders are mostly known for making decisions with little to no input of others.
In my opinion, there are four examples which make Lieutenant Colonel Yaron an authoritarian type leader. The first example is Lieutenant Colonel Yaron subordinates had no motivation in getting the operation completed. The second example is he conducted training on how the evacuation operation should be conducted. The third example would how he started focusing on possible junior officers for replacement so he could be in better ...view middle of the document...

Lieutenant Colonel Yaron was really telling the other officers to either do what I tell you or get out of the way and I will find someone to do the evacuation correctly.
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One would have to say the Lieutenant Colonel Daniel leadership style is more of a participative style type leadership. Participative leader have often been called the democratic type leader. What stands out with participative style leaders is they mostly always value inputs from subordinates and looks treats others as team members. Even though participative style leaders value inputs from others, they always make sure the responsibility of making the final decision mostly rests with them.
In my opinion, there are four examples which showed that Lieutenant Colonel Daniel was a participative style type leader. The first example was Lieutenant Colonel Daniel One is a psychologist. Most psychologist by nature always value inputs from other people. Psychologists mostly listen to what other people say and then give their opinion on the situation. The second example was how Lieutenant Colonel Daniel conducted research to locate relevant information on how evacuations were conducted in the past. Participative style leaders most always look and evaluate the positives with the negatives before making their decision. Third example showing is a participative style leader is how he gathered a group of psychologists and called it a day of thinking. The forth example showing Lieutenant Colonel Daniel was an participative style leader is how he let the group of psychologists to continue their efforts to expand the guidelines for the evacuation. Participative style leaders have been known to always trying to build on things for improvement.
There are positives for being a participative style leader. Participative leaders are known to boost subordinates morale. This lets subordinates feel they are involved and are making contributions to the decision making. Another positive for having a participative style leader is when changes need to be made it help the subordinates accept the changes easier because they feel they were part of the process change. It also helps subordinates being notified ahead of time when changes are coming with an organization.
There are also negatives for being a participative style type leader. One of the negatives for being a participative style type leader decisions are very time consuming. When looking at the case study the evacuation needed to be done within a short time period. Lieutenant Colonel Daniel was looking at past information on how evacuations were conducted. The other negative for being a participative style type leader for this operation was if security had been an issue participative style type leadership most likely would have been inappropriate due to so many people needing to be involved with the evacuation.
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When one compares and contrast leadership styles of an authoritarian type leadership and...

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