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A Project Report On International Business

9066 words - 37 pages



In Partial Fulfillment of
Bachelor of Business Administration
Session 2010-2013

ICFAI University, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Project Supervisor: Submitted by:
Prof. Sumit Sinha Prof. Sumit Sinha
Faculty of International Business Faculty of International Business



I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to many people. This dissertation is an effort to contribute towards achieving the desired objectives. In doing so, I have optimized all ...view middle of the document...

Mckinsey’s Seven S Model | 24 |
|D. Research Methodology |29 |
|- Title of the Project |29 |
|- Statement of the problem |29 |
|- Objectives | |29 |
|- Operational definitions |30 |
|- Data collection |30 |
|- Statistical Tools used for research | |30 |
|- Sampling Technique – Sampling Unit, Sample Size and |31 |
| Sampling method. |  |
|- Plan of Analysis |33 |
|- Limitations to the study |34 |
|E. Data Analysis and Interpretation |35 |
|F. Summary of findings |51 |
|G. Suggestions |53 |
|H. Conclusions – Future Growth |55 |
|I. Learning Experience |57 |
|J. Annexure | | |
|ii) Questionnaires |59 |
|(iii) Bibliography |62 |

With a jump in the Indian economy from a manufacturing sector, that never really took off, to a nascent...

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