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A Rhetorical Analyst Of A Vintage 1930 Era Coca Cola Advertisement

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A Rhetorical Analyst of a Vintage 1930 era Coca Cola Advertisement
From the early 1800s, advertisements have been used to portray certain ideas or to sell particular goods and services. You can still see its concept at work every day whether on television, in magazines, billboards, internet, and even hear them while listening to the radio. The Coca Cola Company has been one of the most infamous companies to arrive in mainstream America. Founded in 1886, Coca Cola has invested approximately over 2 billion dollars each year into its advertisements. People from every generation and walks of life could remember Coca Cola’s, “Delicious and Refreshing” (Coca Cola, 1930) iconic statement, which ...view middle of the document...

In addition, located below in the lower right side, a bartender is being seen smiling while filling two additional glasses with Coca Cola at the tap with a statement underneath him stating, ”Thirst asks for nothing more.” (Coca Cola, 1930) The perception I received from this ad clearly demonstrates the younger couple and bartender’s feeling regarding their preference beverage of choice. I believe this ad serves as an appeal to the credibility of the generation during this specific time in American history.
Continuing more into my findings, I began to understand that this ad also contains the rhetorical dialog of logos. The use of logos appears in the form of various statements such as the use of a small paragraph, explaining how by drinking Coca Cola would help create environments that could bring together people, promoting a fun and excitement atmosphere that everyone would enjoy, and announces where potential buyers could go to find where the product would be served, in this case the local cafés and restaurants that uses soda fountains. This example, along with many the others in this ad, is but a factual appearance to appeal to the viewers’ sense of logic urging them to further consider purchasing and partaking in the Coca Cola product experience.
Finally, as I study this specific ad, I’m surprised to see the rhetorical drama of pathos is...

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