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A Rising China Essay

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American Response to Rising Powers in an Offensive Neo-Realist World: A Rising China and its challenge to American Interests

The year is 2045, it’s a brisk December morning and the television is turned to CNN news in many American homes. China once again makes headlines as they have successfully landed a man on mars. The Chinese military has developed a missile defense system and is making plans to confront the Japanese military over fishing rights in the pacific. The Chinese market also makes headlines since it is the largest market in the world in terms of GDP and produces 30% of the products in the world. The effects of the Chinese military can be felt in the U.S since it has had to ...view middle of the document...

The Chinese economy is marked by a robust growth rate of 10.2%, compared to a miniscule 3.2% of the United States. China also has the second largest economy in the world at 2.2 trillion. Furthermore factories are constantly outsourcing jobs to China since production there is much cheaper. When factories move to China they bring technology with them and as a result the Chinese population is becoming more current on cutting edge technology. To understand the Chinese economy we must explore how it all began.
The story begins with the 1949 revolution , led by Mao Zedong. After winning the revolution Mao Zedong ended a system of private land ownership that dated back for centuries. In 1956 China turned away from individual land use and assimilated the Soviet model of collectivization. Furthermore the government implemented the hukou system which was a series of laws that made the state the feudal master over its farmers. As a result farmers were extremely unhappy and immigrated into cities. Over 50 million farmers moved from the country side to the city from 1959 to 1960 and as a result the Chinese population began to starve. The government reacted by deporting all of those farmers back to the country side where they were to stay. This infuriated the farmers even more. Eighteen farmers from the city Xiaogang in the Anhui province secretly met and decided to divide the plots up discretely amongst themselves. They would give a set amount of crops to the government and sell the surplus. They would of course underreport the amount of production so that they would be able to sell something. This secret agreement caught the eye of Deng Xiaoping , the de facto leader of China from late 1970’s to early 1990’s. He saw that this arrangement was working very well. The land was producing more crops and wealth among the locals was higher than ever. Farmers then looked for new ways to make more money with their money thus stimulating other businesses. Deng Xiaoping decided to allow this as an experiment which became know as the household responsibility system . This system was officially implemented by the government in 1980.In the end it was farmers that launched economic reform in China and gave birth to the fast growing Chinese economy.
Economic Success Equals Military Might
Few people would argue the Chinese economy is anything less than influential in the world. This Chinese economy is also extremely important since it will eventually have the ability to convert economic power into military power just as the Unites States did in the late 1800’s. In Fareek Zakaria’s book, From Wealth to Power he explains how a strong economy eventually leads to strong military and political might. He says that “National Power can be converted into international influence, but the state first requires the mechanisms and institutions that make this conversion possible.” His case study is the United States before the twentieth century. After...

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