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A Service Level Agreement For Provision Of Specified It Services Between Finman Account Management, Llc, Datanal, Inc., And Minertek, Inc

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A Service Level Agreement for Provision of Specified IT Services Between Finman Account Management, LLC, Datanal, Inc., and Minertek, Inc.

1. Period of Service

The service level agreement (SLA) is for a period of three years, commencing on July 1, 2011, and concluding on June 30, 2014, with provision for renewal and extension upon agreement of all parties and contingent upon satisfactory fulfillment of specified services, as determined by semiannual review.

2. Parties to the Agreement

Finman Account Management, LLC, employs more than 9,000 professional staff in 70 offices located in 20 countries and realizes gross income of nearly $4 billion annually. Finman provides a range of ...view middle of the document...

Datanal works toward a unified IT management plan across an entire organization—even across separate departments and divisions.

Minertek, Inc., begun by two federal laboratory computer scientists in 2005, has built a team of more than 200 skilled software developers with particular interest and proficiency in designing and creating innovative and effective data mining programs and applications for research and business. Minertek previously teamed up with Datanal to provide more cost-effective software and data management approaches for payroll and tax services, enabling customers to reduce or eliminate duplicate, parallel systems and achieve economies of scale.

Datanal and Minertek’s combined expertise will enable Finman to significantly advance beyond its traditional yet highly respected services. Finman expects to expand its services to existing customers by 5 to 10% over the first year of the SLA, increasing its market share by more than $1 million in the succeeding year, with proportionate increases in subsequent years.

3. Background and Rationale

In recent years Finman and its customers have devoted time and resources to anticipate IT trends and applications that have a transforming effect on their companies and operations, presenting them with sometimes difficult short-term choices and radically different strategies for the future. The IT challenges have been paramount, effecting structural and operational change in government, academic and research institutions, healthcare and emergency services, banking and finance, manufacturing, transportation, and all service providers.

Finman views this SLA as a groundbreaking venture to harness the diverse array of IT-borne customer demands and opportunities that cannot be met by adhering to traditional paradigms. Finman’s objectives in the SLA are to compete more effectively in a highly competitive industry by offering its customers a unified IT management plan across an entire organization or even, if the customer wishes, across separate departments and divisions. Datanal, utilizing sophisticated data-mining software developed by Minertek, will recognize and integrate common IT characteristics from disparate operations, programs, procedures, and products—even those located in separate and unrelated service areas. This enables the customer to reduce or eliminate duplicate, parallel systems and to achieve economies of scale and open new opportunities.

4. Statement of Intent

As recognized by leading research and consulting firms with knowledgeable, skilled management, advanced state-of-the-art IT affords extraordinary opportunities for greater efficiencies, cost reduction, higher productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Sophisticated IT applications realize their full potential with highly specialized technical knowledge and management skills readily available only in smaller firms focused primarily or exclusively on such applications.

Finman has determined that...

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