A Summary Of “Strategic Alignment: Analysis Of Perspectives”

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A Summary of “Strategic alignment: Analysis of perspectives”
by Tiago Reis de Almeida

Preston Coleman and Raymon Papp’s paper hub on strategic alignment model. Furthermore, how it has been operationalized to enable assessment of an organization’s business and technology strategies into one of twelve defined alignment perspectives using a web-based model.
The authors emphasise that the first concept of strategic alignment remains actual and usable to corporate executives looking to achieve alignment of their business and technology strategies. This model is presented as a combination between four quadrants, which one constituted by three components and it’s divided into two distinct ...view middle of the document...

IT is also present has a two quadrant basis model.
The first one is IT strategy, which is composed by technology scope, systematic competencies, and information technology governance components. Technology scope includes all information applications and technologies that it’s need to run and business. Systematic competencies are to set IT services apart from the rest. Authors insist in an important argument: the power to access information and its impact in the business’s strategies. For last, IT governance defines the makeup of the authority and resources risk and responsibilities are distributed between the value chain.
ITs infrastructure is the last quadrant, which combines architecture, processes, and skills components. The architecture reflects technological priorities, policies, and choices and how the integration of applications and other fields to a single business platform. Processes component are correlated to actual practices and that the personnel do to develop and maintain applications and manage the information technology infrastructure. Skills component refers to the human resource activities done for information technology.
Author’s focus started to make the linkages possible to make strategic alignment model work as as whole unit, proving its design model. Preston Coleman and Raymond Papp started use the linkages obtain with strategic fit. It reflects how strategy determine the business’ infrastructure. In functional integration, the authors bright us the linkage between the correct leveraging use of information technology with the ability of the business to empower successfully it’s marketplace position.
The second part of the papers highlighting is about strategic alignment perspectives, which is described in a perspective based in business’ assessment according to the strategic alignment model. Those perspectives occur when strategic fit and functional integration occur simultaneously, with eight different combinations. It’s components reflect anchor, pivot, and area of impact.
The alignments start with strategy execution, whit business strategy anchor. The weak area is the business infrastructure, which is what needs to be changed. The resulting area of impact is the information technology infrastructure, meaning because of changes in the business process, IT architecture need also to adjust and adapt to those changes.
Technology potential is also driven by business strategy but the pivot is IT strategy, with IT infrastructure as area of impact. The main topic extorted is that value of IT it’s essential and a main add to the business’ final product or service, improving a good business-costumer relationship.
In competitive potential, the anchor is IT strategy, the pivot area in business strategy and organization infrastructure is the impacted domain. Here it’s possible to extract how new IT trends can influence new business strategies.
Service level anchor’s in IT strategy, pivot is ITs infrastructure and...

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