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A Summery Of Michel De Montagine

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Clay Childress
Dr. Ballard
Introduction Into Old Testament
1 October 2014
The Place Beyond the Pines Movie Review
The Place Beyond the Pines is an epic that follows the lives of two men on opposite ends of the spectrum. Luke Glanton is a mysterious motorcycle stunt rider, jumping from town to town with the carnival. Avery Cross has just graduated law school, and is a rookie police officer, trying to climb the ranks in the corrupted force in which he works; however, both men have one thing in common that will change their futures and the futures of their sons…Jason and A.J.
After a night of preforming Luke, reconnects with a past lover, Romina, Luke gives her a ride back home and ...view middle of the document...

One problem Robin does not want any part of Luke’s plan, telling him the most potent line in the movie… “If you ride like lighting, you’re going to crash like thunder”. Luke still decides to rob both banks, but after slowly hitting the first, bank his motorcycle didn’t start until the police had already shown up. Now in a chase Luke’s tire pops forcing him to break into a house. This is when Avery enters the story. Avery is the only cop who saw Luke enter the house and afraid that he escape, Avery enters the house hoping to flush out Luke. Luke on the other hand proceeds to call Ro and beg her to never let Jason find out about what he did, to never let Jason know the whole truth about his dad. Just as he is finishing up, Avery busts in and shoots Luke without warning. While falling out of the window he was sitting in, Luke gets one shot on Avery and it catches him in the leg. Luke falls to his death and Avery is now the hero of the police force and the tale of Luke Glanton comes to an end, but the story of Jason, Avery and A.J has just begun.
Avery is now the hero of the police force, yet he feels the guilt of killing Luke every day and the fact that Jason will grow up without a father hits closely to home with Avery. After weeks of bed rest and recover from his own wound, a few of the crooked cops show up to take Avery on a night into town with them, or so his wife thinks. The officers go to Kofi’s house to try to find the rest of the money that Luke stole, but not for evidence, for personal gain. After quickly finding the money, they cut the cash down the middle giving Avery over half the pile. Avery started living with remorse, constantly going back to the feeling of guilt until he no longer could take it and brought the department to its knees by ratting out the shady cops. After the shake down, the story skips 18 years into the lives of A.J and Jason and how the sins of their fathers lead them into a path of despair.
In Exodus 34:7 Moses writes “…Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children and their children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.” This is the exact theme in the movie. The sins of the fathers will haunt and punish their children. Luke and Avery, even though...

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