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The excerpt from “The French Revolution” by Thomas Carlyle relates to the last scene in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. In Book 3, Chapter 15 of “A Tale of Two Cities,” Sidney Carton, a lawyer, is killed by a guillotine. He trades places in jail with Charles Darney, the nephew of a high aristocrat, because, even if Sidney is in love with her, he wants Lucie Manette to be happy with her family for the rest of her life. The excerpt by Carlyle talks about anyone that was even a suspect for a crime or related to the prisoner was put to death.
Charles Darney was sentenced to death for being related to an aristocrat, Marquis St. Evrèmonde, who was cruel to the people and did not care for much of anything other than himself. Once the people got infuriated with Everonde’s actions, they took over and decided to put anyone of ...view middle of the document...

In order to get Darney out of jail and himself in, Carton drugged Charles so he would not resist the switch. During the French Revolution, judges and members of the Parliament were in charge of what happens to anyone that is blamed for a crime. They are also in charge of what happens to the people convicted of the crimes. When someone blamed for a crime goes to court, the judges and members of Parliament are the first to hear of the crime.
When Charles Darney was summoned to death, there was no real reason other than he committed treason. Darney did not agree with what his uncle was doing, so he went against Marquis’ wishes when it came to how he wanted to control others. Because of his disobedience, he was automatically put on trial and sentenced to death. This is proof that it was recommended to go along with what the king or the man high in power orders. In “A Tale of Two Cities”, since Sidney Carton and Charles Darney look alike to the majority of the jury and the witness, it was difficult to tell who was who when it came to the day of the execution. It was obvious that the judge and the executioners did not care who died, just that someone did. During the French Revolution, the government and the Parliament was concerned more about getting even with people by killing them to focus more on who they were actually killing.
There were numerous occurrences during the French Revolution where the guillotine killed innocent people and let go the guilty. The excerpt from “The French Revolution” by Thomas Carlyle showed many examples of this. There were people who were willing to be killed in the place of their loved ones. There were people who were wrongly accused of a crime they didn’t commit and killed because of it. There were even people that were killed just because of their bloodline with the accused. Both stories explain the unfairness of killings during the French Revolution.

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