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A Tale Of Two Coaches Essay

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Running Head: Case Study Analysis Paper 2: A Tale of Two Coaches

Case Study Analysis Paper 2: A Tale of Two Coaches
Harry A. Gkornean
Grand Canyon University: LRD 600-0500: Leadership Styles and Development
Dr. Terri Trent
September 2, 2015

“Coach K: A Matter of the Heart” & "Coach Knight: A Will to Win”
This paper provides a leadership styles and skills analysis of two cases that separately discussed the professional careers of two leaders involved in similar kinds of activities. It presents two coaches – Coach K and Coach Knight - as achievers but distinguishes them in terms of the methodology used. This paper recognizes similar leadership attributes of these two ...view middle of the document...

As a result of his lack of ability and skills to work with people (team), many talented players left the team.

Leadership Grid
Considering the success stories of both Coach K and Coach Knight, one can conclude that they both shared the “concern for production” leadership grid as propounded by Blake and Mouton (Northouse, 2013). They were passionate and exerted so much efforts to ensuring that their respective teams achieved successful results. As a result of their extraordinary focus on tasks achievements, they became exceptional icons in the American history of college basketball.
In contrast, Coach Knight’s history was marred with controversies because he lacked the leadership style that enables a leaders to build relationship with his subordinates or co-workers. He had limited, or in most cases, no concern for people. And this leadership style served as the basis for the contrast between the two coaches. Unlike Coach Knight, Coach K was considered a family and parent to the players. He...

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