A Teacher To Remember Essay

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A Teacher To Remember

Most people would define a good teacher as someone who makes their students excel academically and do well on their tests. In the story “I Just Wanna Be Average” the author Mike Rose mentions that society very often neglects and does not see the full value and potential of students. Even though I never got mistaken placed into a vocational class like Mike Rose, but who has never faced difficult situation in school before? However, not everybody is lucky as Rose or I that found somebody that believe in you and help you overcome your obstacles in school. Mr. Wenderoof, I met him during my last year of High School, in my economic class. Even though I only have him for ...view middle of the document...

He tried his best to make sure each and every one of his student would walk on that stage on our graduation day.

But unfortunately, bad things always happen to the good people. Mr. Wenderoof had chemo cancer, and it been with him for almost 20 years. The doctor estimated he will not be able to make it over 10 years with chemotherapy but he proved them wrong. Last year, he lost his battle. Not only for us students but it also the whole Eagle Rock High School. The students lost an amazing, wonderful and hardworking teacher. I wish I would've known him before when I first came to Eagle Rock High School. Like the author in the story mention "Jack MacFarland couldn't have come into my life at a better time"(165). Same as MacFarland, Mr. Wenderoof never give up on any of us. Even when Mr. Wenderoof was still fighting his battle against cancer, he was still showed up to the school and help those students that might not have a chance to walk on the stage on graduation day by giving them after school work and extra credits to help them with their grades.(165). I never met a teacher like him, who can spend hours staying after school just to help the students who are not trying hard enough throughout the year but he never give up on any of us.

None of us have ever thought that the day we come back to Eagle Rock is to visit Mr. Wenderoof's funeral. I could not believe the...

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