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A Technical View Of System Analysis And Design

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A Technical View of System Analysis and Design

System Analysis and Design is a process. Analysis is the part that involves the study of the units working together. Design is an essential phase in the development process based on the user needs. System Analysis and Design is an approach towards reinforcing the analysis and design of information systems with the objective of improving the system performance by automation. This paper explores the Managers outlook and importance of System Analysis and Design as well as the exploration into organizations that utilize System Development and Design. We uphold that continual and extensive use of current System Analysis and Design ...view middle of the document...

Let’s begin by defining IT Architecture. IT Architecture is a unifying framework into which various stakeholders with different perspectives can organize and view the fundamental building blocks of information systems (Merriam-Webster, 2003). IT Architecture provides the foundation for organizing the various components of any information system you can develop.
Organizations and managers should consider the benefits of IT Architecture. These benefits include the ability to share and efficiently process information. IT Architecture responds faster to changes in technology and business needs and reduces costs because of economic and scale resource sharing. Failure to develop and implement an IT Architecture system will affect the chances of getting funding from banks to develop or enhance an existing system. Managers should be concerned that not implementing an IT Architecture system may affect an organization’s ability to meet customer’s needs effectively and efficiently. An important recent development in IT Architecture practice has been the emergence of standards for architecture description. One of the objectives of this standard is to promote a more consistent, systematic approach to the creation of views. The Cisco Systems ranked 59 in 2011 on the Fortune 500 list. This company created architectural solutions that helped organizational business units to drive IT with sound architecture and perfect fit technologies, help clients deliver, and manage solutions with technology, process, organizational structures and project management by deploying scalable innovative services that give companies sustained business advantages (
Creating IT Architecture may be a lengthy process, but it is necessary. The Enterprise Architecture process is closely related to other processes, such as the Systems Development Life Cycle. This concept aids in the implementation of an IT Architecture, and when these processes are properly synchronized, systems migrate efficiently from the technology environments and the SDLC, therefore allowing the agency to demonstrate its return on investment (ROI).
System Development Life Cycle
The system development life cycle (SDLC) is the traditional systems development method used by organizations for large IT projects such as IT infrastructure. (Turban &Volonino, 2012).
A systems development lifecycle (SDLC) has three primary objectives:
* Ensure that high quality systems are delivered
* Provide strong management controls over the projects
* Maximize the productivity of the systems staff.
In order to meet these objectives the SDLC has many precise requirements it must meet, including: being able to support projects and systems of different scopes and types, supporting all of the technical activities, supporting all of the management activities, being highly usable, and providing guidance on how to install it and how to use it. Defining or selecting an SDLC should be embarked...

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