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A Transformation In Health Care Essay

3078 words - 13 pages

Course Project Draft

A Transformation in Health Care
HR587ON – Managing Organizational Change
Professor: John Anderson

Table of Contents

Executive Summary Page 3
Assessment/Diagnosis Page 4
Analysis of Change Strategy Page 5
Results/Outcomes Page 9
Evaluation of the Effort Page 10
References Page 13

A Transformation in Health Care
This diagnostic paper is based on my current experiences in my organization of a significant change initiative. I will be providing a high-level summary of key changes within my current organization, the reasons for the change, approaches taken, and current outcomes of the change.
In the course project paper I hope to provide valuable ...view middle of the document...

The organization is looking to create profits through the use of technology, eliminate paper, provide the highest patient quality care, patient satisfaction, physician and medical staff satisfaction, increase patient safety, integrate information to form one source for patient data, and become competitive technology wise with other health care organizations. The challenges and issues are that the EHR involves every department, every person, changes workflow, changes patient care, and introduces technology to people who are not technology literate. The other major issue is having people adapt to this new technology. As a Project Manager in the Information Services department it is my job to oversee these projects and ensure the changes are accepted and implemented successfully. This paper will provide an education viewpoint based on the ability to identify the change, analyze the change, diagnose the change, strategize and plan for the change, communicate the change, implement the change, and finally evaluate the change.
Mostly due to a bad economy Res was losing in every business category there was and if this continued, the entire business was in jeopardy of closing its doors and selling its organization to its competitors. The current CEO Sandra Bruce was brought in to right the sinking ship. Her resume is long and extensive demonstrating the skills necessary to turn the organization around. Her resume includes several CEO positions where she has strengthened the organization by focusing on physicians and technology, which she has done with large health care organizations in Idaho and Michigan. Sandra Bruce’s first order of operation is to determine what the issues are. She brought in a consulting group to perform a gap analysis to determine Resurrection’s current status, Resurrections goals, and how to achieve those goals.
With the help of the consulting firms a complete gap analysis determines key areas that needed improvement. The first area was that Res was overstaffed in numerous departments, the second is that Res provided services that were more expensive to do internally that was more affordable by outsourcing (i.e. laundry services), the third was related to point of sale because not all health related charges were being captured, fourth was old legacy technology that was expensive to maintain and support and did little for integration and efficiency, fifth was a low affiliated physician base that was referring patients to resurrection for health care services, sixth is that the organization was losing so much money that its credit rating dropped so Res was paying a higher interest rate and no more loans was being afforded, and finally sixth was the current goal and emphasis of the prior CEO was to grow by purchasing hospitals and properties (created a huge deficit when the real estate market crashed).
Analysis of the Change Strategy
The Burke-Litwin Model was identified and used by the consulting...

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