Abnormal Behavior Essay

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Case Study-Abnormal Behavior

Case Study in Abnormal Behavior
Valvita Isaac
April 4, 2011
Dr. Melda Jones

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Case Study in Abnormal
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Psychological is very important in making criminal decisions. Criminal responsibility depends on the related disciplines that are found in the field of psychology. Abnormality differs depending upon what is considered to be typical within a culture. What is typical lies on the surface of cultural morality. Culture is considered to be group – specific behavior obtained from social influences (Hansell & Damour, 2008). To have a better understanding, and come to some conclusiveness of why certain things happen, you must first have an understanding of an individual’s personality.
Personality is considered to be the different mask that people wear. These masks are projected and displayed within an individual’s response. Personality is impacted in emotions, and shown through behavior. Cognition is linked to an individual’s learning that is displayed through abilities, processes, and changes that an individual endures. The biologica

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