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Abnormal Psy And Therapy Essay

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Abnormal Psychology and Therapy

August 30, 2010
Bonnie Johnson

Abnormal Psychology and Therapy
Abnormal Psychology is psychology that’s main purpose is to use research in an effort to classify, diagnose, and treat psychological disorders and illnesses. Everyone experiences some kind of worry, fear, and even anxiety. When an individual cannot control their emotions and daily life becomes affected they may suffer from a disorder or illness that is very complex.
Abnormal vs. Normal
When comparing normal and abnormal psychology there are key differences. Normal psychology deals with the feelings that should be felt. Abnormal psychology deals with the feelings we experience ...view middle of the document...

Using the same example as with normal psychology, if a woman’s boyfriend were to end all ties with her she may become extremely depressed. During this time she may exhibit other strange behaviors. Some of these may be lack of communication with friends and family, avoiding social interaction, and late arrival or absences with her job (Fearing, 1925). These occurences are extreme when comparing them to average reactions by the general population. These situations may require counseling or psychological advice. In severe situations medication may be in order. All of these factors are part of the eventual treatment for abnormal psychology cases (Shaffer, 1939).
Mental Disorders and Illnesses
Mental disorders and mental illnesses are psychologial and behavioral patterns because of anxiety, distress or even disability. Mental disorders and illnesses are not part of our cultural norms and are not even apart of our normal development. Mental disorders and mental illnesses can affect our daily lives but at different degrees.
Mental Disorders
Mental disorders are very different from mental illness. Disorders are an extreme reaction to a common occurrence. Mental illness is due to chemical imbalances in the brain; too little of one, too much of another, or any combination of those. Taking a closer look at disorders may further display these differences. There are several mental disorders experienced by people around the world. Two of the most prevalent are social anxiety disorder and body dysmorphic disorder (Rosenberg, Ledley, & Heimberg, 2010).
Social Anxiety Disorder
Social anxiety disorder can cover a wide range of social phobia. The disorder could be something as small as a fear of speaking to strangers of the opposite sex , to fear of walking to the mailbox. In any case, social anxiety disorder is a fear of public situations. These situations can be asking for a job application, buying coffee at a local café, or speaking in front of a large conference room full of people (Livesley & Jang, 2005). In any of these situations, the physical symptoms of social anxiety disorder is often very apparent; blushing, perspiration, shaking, stuttering, or even excessive blinking of the eyes. The behavior of these individuals usually stems from fear of negative feedback; feeling unappreciated and unnoticed. Often, these sufferers will notice the negative social cues and let the positive instances slip through the situation unnoticed. Therapy for these patients can vary from gradual progression into social acceptance to years of reconditioning (Rosenberg et al, 2010).
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Body dysmorphic disorder may appear as something more common in our society than those generations before us. In fact this is a very serious disorder which aids the development of bulimia and anorexia. This disorder involves an average looking person that sees his or herself as being deformed or misshapen in some severe way. A beautiful young woman may...

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