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Abnormal Psychology Essay

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In any society people who express unconventional views or act in unconventional ways are easily targeted, this could be dangerous for those who are just following their culture norms and may be persecuted and stigmatized as their labeled mentally ill.
When identifying abnormal from normal one must first understand abnormal behaviors and the context in which abnormal behavior falls under three crucial contexts. According to (Hansel, J, & Damour, L, (2008).) One must first understand the circumstances that are correlated within any behavior, which is essential to whether or not the behavior is normal or abnormal.
While the field of abnormal psychology is a hundred years old , throughout ...view middle of the document...

While briefly describing the theoretical models the behavioral model is a model where abnormal behavior results from ineffective learning and conditioning., the treatment for this is where the client learns traditional learning procedures that are more appropriate as well as moderate where as the cognitive perspective is where people act abnormal due to their cognition.
Especially on the individual behaviors that are based on false assumptions, treatment for this is therapy to help the individual develop a better and more positive thought process. While therapy is the main treatment that helps the patient unlearn maladaptive habits by replacing them with more ethical ones
.Sociocultural perspective is where as abnormal behavior is learned through social experiences that range from family, culture and friends. While culture variables are obtained through learning and the cognitive process. While the medical perspective is focused mainly on the biological aspects and physiological factors are causes of abnormal behavior are treated as a disease, mental illnesses are treated through medication and hospitalization rather than psychological intervention. While on the other hand, the psychodynamic perspective is actually an alternative for the medical model this however evolved from the Freudian Psychoanalytic Theory that defines psychological disorders which are proven to be the core of anxiety developed by the individuals unconscious.

However there are many advantages and limitations as abnormal psychology has evolved into a scientific discipline “Like all scientific and professional fields, while abnormal psychology relies on clinical and researchers utilize the common scientific research methods. When analyzing an individual’s behavior they will first utilize...

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