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About A Boy Essay

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About a boy:
Gruppe nr. 1 (Julie V, Pernille, Luna, Ane)
Give a summary of the film.
In the movie about a boy, Will Freeman is a lazy adult, who has not really grown up regard his age. He does not do anything for living, since his dad was the writer of a very famous christmas carol, and Will is still living of his income. He does not have much more luck in his love life, so when he discovers the good qualities of having an affair with single mothers, he goes to a single parents group to find women. IN order to impress one of the single mothers, he goes to the park with her and some kids including a young boy called marcus. Marcus’s mum is mentally ill and tries to commit suicide. Will feels bad for Marcus and starts spending time with him, and they become really close. Marcus and Will learn a lot from one another and in the end, they both turn out to make one an others life ...view middle of the document...

He does not feel good in school or at home because of his mom and because he do not have any friends. He knows how to take care of himself. He feels let down by his mother. So he seeks Will and they start to hang out after school. In that time they hang out he starts to develop. And because of that he meets a girl at school and becomes friends with her.
Fiona Brewer

* At first she is very depressed. Cries all the time and that makes Marcus very concerned. She even tried to kill herself and that affects Marcus a lot. But when Will come into their lives she slowly realize that she has not been the best mom. She becomes happier and more conscious about how her son feels. ______________________________________

Will:Wants to date single mothers. Lives alone, no friends or family. Doesn’t have a job. His father never succeeded in writing a better song - so Will doesn’t try to succed at anything. In the end, Will accepts his father’s choice. Marcus: Looks: Geeky, chubby, short, different than the other kids, wears homemade sweatshirts. Evolved: Get more friends. Gets more comfort, not as much a ‘mama’s boy’ as he was in the begging. Close to his mum because she needs him to take care of her. - not the other way around. Fiona (Marcus’ mum) :Depressive, feels sorry for herself, not able to take care of Marcus, suicide attempt, poor, dresses weirdly. She is kind of selfish because of the suicide. She would just leave Marcus behind. The restaurant scene: She attacks Will, accuses him of being a pedophile - but realizes that she doesn’t have as much influence on Marcus’ life as she thinks. Realizes that she and Marcus need Will. ______________________________________
Relationships:Will and Marcus:
When they meet, Marcus wants Will to date his mum. Will is unfriendly at the beginning - after a while he starts enjoying having Marcus around. In the end they get close to having a father-son relationship. Marcus happiness → his mother also feels better. “I created a monster, or maybe he created me” Co-dependence (When Marcus is happy, Will is happy and when Will is happy, Marcus is happy.)

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