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About Me And My Dream Essay

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About Me and My Dream |

Submission Date: August 18, 2013

Course Code: MKT-509 Course Title: Business Communication |

Evening MBA Program
Department of Marketing
Faculty of Business Studies

Submitted To
Mubina Khondkar
PhD(Manchester), Professor
Department of Marketing
Former Chairman, Department of Tourism and Hospitality management
Faculty of Business Studies
University of Dhaka

Submitted By
Md. Amdadul Houqe ID No. 41324083
24th Batch

University of Dhaka

I am Md. Amdadul Houqe Topu, from Ashugonj, a small town from ...view middle of the document...

My Professional Background
As soon as I completed my education in early 2010, I got a job in the software department of Tech Valley Solutions Limited which is situated in Kalabagan, Dhaka as an Executive. It is a well renowned IT vendor company which has a good will in corporate business market in Bangladesh. It has five branches in Bangladesh including Chittagong and Sylhet. I have been working here since July 15, 2010.
My family
I am the youngest child of my father with a large family. We are fifteen brothers and sisters. I have two mothers. I am proud of my father as all of my siblings are well educated. Currently I live in an apartment in Mirpur-1, Dhaka with one of my sister.
Extracurricular Activities
I like sports very much. During my whole life I played so many sports and achieved so many prizes. I played as a main member of Dhaka university Football, Cricket, Basketball, Hockey, Handball and Athletics team and achieved so many gold medals for my team. The most important part of my sports career is that I have achieved BLUE AWARD in Basketball category from University of Dhaka.

My dream
I have never been too ambitious from my childhood. My dreams were pretty simple as always. I had a dream of leading my life with a happy family. I want to have a real friend as my life partner.
I had another dream in my life to become an international sportsman which I couldn’t fulfill due to some unavoidable reasons. But now my dream is to establish a sports academy in my village. As I could not fulfill my dream I want to fulfill other’s dream who want to be a sportsman. The sports academy, my dream will be very special. I will build an academy with all kids aging from 10 years. I will share my whole life sports experience to teach them the basic of all sports. Those who has dream of becoming a successful sportsman I will try to fulfill their dream. I will also try to make my children to fulfill my dream to become a...

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