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Abuse Essay

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Planning - My technology integration project involved a week-long language arts project focusing on and working with the weekly 2nd grade spelling words. The student who participated in my project was my son, whom I worked with after school hours in our home for approximately 30-45 minutes each night for 4 nights. I chose to involve him in my project as, up to this time with my past undergraduate studies and career involving only the more severe and profound ...view middle of the document...

From Monday through Thursday of the week, I worked one on one with the student while focusing on a different language arts enrichment activity in preparation for the weekly spelling test. Monday’s activity involved typing the fifteen spelling words into a teacher formatted flashcard template created in Word, which were then cut out and used as visual cues and study aides for remaining weekly activities. Tuesday’s lesson included a Word document experimenting with the effects of graphic representations on the motivation level of the student. Being an aspiring little hockey player himself, this activity was, by far, his favorite! The student was to shoot the pucks (move the pictures into position), each containing a spelling word, in ABC order into each of the five goal holes. This activity was performed in three sets of five spelling words each. (see work sample for graphic representation of goal holes) Wednesday’s lesson involved the student’s other favorite extra-curricular activity, taekwondo, in combination with my curiosity as to how audio effects motivated his performance on the task. Created within a Power Point presentation, the activity involved the student moving a clip art picture of a martial artist under the correct representation of the spelling word broken into

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