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Academic Difficulty Determinants Of Beed Ii And Btte Ii Students, Catanduanes State Colleges – Panganiban Campus, First Semester, School Year 2012 2013

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The study attempted to find out academic difficulty determinants among tertiary students. It involved forty-eight second year students taking Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED-II) and twenty-four students taking Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education (BTTE-II) in ...view middle of the document...

It further asks the significant difference in the academic difficulty determinants of BEED-II and BTTE-II Students. The descriptive type of research utilized self-made checklist questionnaire as the main instrument to gather the data. The findings of the present study demonstrated that academic difficulty determinants showed that student-respondents find difficulty in studying/understanding their lessons, have family financial problem, find difficulty in the tests given by teachers, have a house/boarding house that is very noisy and classmates that is very judgmental, and a school premises/classrooms that are very noisy. And lastly, the present study found out that the there is a difference in the academic difficulty determinants of BEED-II and BTTE-II Students. This paper concludes and recommends with implications from the study’s findings.
Keywords: Academic Difficulties, Tertiary Students

Presented during the 2nd International Research Forum on Research Output Dissemination across Discipline, Virgen Milagrosa, San Carlos City, Pangasinan last April 18-20, 2013

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