Academic Interest And Goals Essay

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Academic interests and goals

Life is a continuous learning process, which requires a strong method to develop better ways of apprenticeship. Coming from an immigrant family and watching your parents struggling to provide the basic living conditions to you and your siblings isn’t a happy picture. Unfortunately, it follows me every day in school and work. Having in mind what sacrifice my parents did to give me a better education and life, has made me think more seriously about my education, career and personal goals. Thus, being able to obtain a higher education gives ...view middle of the document...

During my days as an undergrad student here at Clark University, I came across various options for a choice of career and perceived chemistry to be challenging, versatile, innovative and evolving preference of many other students. Though it attracts many, only a few are able to make a mark and I want to be amongst them.

I always wanted to work in the healthcare industry because it affects people’s life and also it is known worldwide as an industry with a high potential for growth, development and innovation for a better living. Having read books and doing research on the Internet about career opportunities in science, made me realize that only a Bachelor degree would give me the basic skills. A Bachelor degree will help me find a job as a technician or assistant in research labs and companies for the sole purpose for earning money. But this is not all I want. So, I decided to continue my studies to shape up my career and choose to seek a higher degree.

With all these said, I believe that a higher education will strengthen my personal skills by developing and applying several skills in everyday life. It will help me prepare myself for a future career in healthcare industry, and it will provide me with an excellent foundation to support and being part of the current body of research and improving the techniques used on the study.

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