Academic Success Essay

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Writing process can help you advance in your education and your career
Knowing the writing process in a career will improve my communication skills. The writing process begins with creating an outline, conducting research making a draft and editing my draft. Utilizing these steps will allow for academic and communication success.
Improve my critical-thinking skills
There are six questions I must ask when beginning the Critical thinking poses. Remembering, Understanding, applying, evaluating and creating. Remembering: recalling the key terms or facts or events. Understanding: Can I explain this idea in my words. Applying: Can I use this idea to produce a desired result. Analyzing: Can I divide this idea into parts or steps. Evaluating: Can I rate the truth or usefulness, quality of this idea and give ...view middle of the document...

Resources I will use to ensure academic success
I will use the University of Phoenix library to help in finding reliable source for this paper and many more. Also, utilize the Center for writing excellence Submit Paper for Plagiarism Review, write-point for grammar review. The media library will also serve me well do to my learning style. The educational assets given to each student who attends the University of Phoenix is endless and helps to set me up for success.

Benefits and challenges of working with outside sources

It always hard when using outside sources to verify the validity of a story. The internets is vast and free for anyone to voice their opinion. Therefore it’s my responsibility as a student to use information I can trace back to a reliable source.

The lessons I have learned in this course.
the lesson i have learned in this course is invaluable. I had believed it would be easy going back to school. I have come to realize this will be a full time job for me. My lack a time management has affected my overall workmanship. If I were to continue with my lake luster performance, I would just end up wasting my time and money. This class has taught me the importance of time management. From here on forward I will begin to set timelines and take the initiative properly to utilize this opportunity I have worked so hard to obtain.

I have covered how setting goals can lead to success. My educational objectives and one career goal. How the writing process can help, you advance in your education and your career. The steps I will take to improve my critical-thinking skills. I will give an example of how critical thinking can help you make better decisions. I covered the University resources I would use to ensure academic success. I also went to the benefits and challenges of working with outside sources. And included the lessons I have learned.

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