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Activity Essay

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1)elderly and young adults

2)young adults
Goal: participants increase their awareness of what they gain from leisure.

Objective: participant will identify the personal benefits he/she gains from participating in leisure activities 2x per week, for 2months.

Young Adult
In the first session of each week, the group will discuss the personal benefits of every possible leisure activities. Then at the 2nd ...view middle of the document...

Each 2nd session of the week will have different activities. After the activity the group will going the benefits which will gain from what they are participating again.

Goal: participant will increase their knowledge of available recreational resource and keep the isolation away.

Object participant will participate in a variety activities 1x per week.

The activities or programs that provided is to meet the ever change needs and interests of the group for example like tai chi,ballroom dancing,art and craft , table games, fitness instruction is offered on the weekly activities calendar

4)All supplies will be ready before the group comes. Clear explanation of each activity will be provide and make sure that every participants in the group are understanding what will be going on before the activity start. One on one assistance if one's needed.

5) group size 6~10participants, each session is holding 1hr 30Mins. Meeting once a week for both target group.

6)both group will need a standard gymnasium, depening on the activities, or else need large open room, chair ,table, papers,color pencils, speaker, art supplies and project etc.

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