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Acts Essay

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Notes on the British Acts

People came to America seeking religious independence and economic success. Instead, British rule prevented them from experiencing freedom in taxation, land ownership, and government.
Without consideration of the colonists, the British established several "Acts" of taxation.

Proclamation of 1763:
It closed the frontier of colonial expansion and the ...view middle of the document...

The Quartering Act:
Ordered the local government to give housing to and provisions for the British soldiers.

Sugar Act
Act to raise fund on sugar and wine.

Stamp Act:
A tax on every piece of printed paper like news paper and legal documents. Though the tax wasn’t big they thought it was rude to tax them on paper and unfair. They thought it would lead to bigger taxes.

The Intolerable Acts:
The Intolerable Acts was a name used to describe a series of act passed by the British Parliament . These acts caused outrage in the 13 colonies which lead to resistance. The quartering act, the sugar act, and the stamp act where all intolerable acts. These where the acts that lead to the revolutionary war.

There were many years when the Colonists were ignored by Britain. The colonists became accustomed to the laws they created themselves. When the British discovered the colonists did not obey their laws and instead were governing themselves, they tried to enforce the old laws. By the late 1700's the colonists had enough of British rule and war broke out.

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