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Addiction Essay

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Addiction in Adolescents
Amar Khan
Liberty University

There are numerous reasons for addiction in adolescences. Numerous adolescents that battle to meet their own levels and society's measures as they attempt to shut out the difficulties of their high school years (Feldman, 2014, p. 349). These difficulties stretch out a long ways past dealing with an overflowing calendar. With bodies that are obviously changing, allurements of sex, alcohol, different medications, intellectual advances that make the world appear to be progressively unpredictable, social systems that are in consistent flux, and tilting feelings, adolescents end up in a time of life that orders excitement, ...view middle of the document...

Researchers know an incredible amount about how the adolescent brain creates, and they additionally know a considerable amount about how substance abuse can hurt those cells. During puberty, the brain experiences an astounding change. Parts of the mind that administer drive control appear to go dim, while portions of the brain managing reward and motivation turn out to be yet more touchy and effective. These progressions may clarify why adolescents are more powerless against investigating medications and alcohol. While neuro-psychological studies have demonstrated that adolescent substance utilization is connected to: inferior altitude, inhibitory, and learning and memory functioning. Neuroimaging strategies may explain the neural systems of these execution shortages (Treatment, 2013).

Impact of Spirituality on Addiction

Spirituality fundamentally advances and fortifies the other developmental areas. It empowers us to have a superior feeling of self and to be better joined with the outside world which directs existential tension and expand self-regard. In adolescents, spirituality existence is significant for the health, a positive development of a person’s sense of self and identity; enabling identity to frame the individual’s pursuit of life (Roehlkepartain, King, Wagener, & Benson, 2006, p. 61). This feeling of self may lead the adolescents to use sound judgment and to be less reliant on insistence of others and in this manner less inclined to take after poor decisions of their companions. Good parenting, including spirituality existence can enhance an adolescents potential and accordingly decrease the danger components for substance use or abuse, while problematic parenting may add to the adolescents support in high-risk practices. Deep sense of being can influence anticipation from addiction. Examination proposes that a relationship exists between an abnormal state of deep sense of being and a low level of substance use and abuse. For instance, similar to religiosity, most profound sense of being has in any event infrequently, been found to lessen substance use and abuse (Allen, 2010, p. 436).

Prevalence of Drug in the Local Community

Each year the federal government releases new statistics on drug use, the bad is always reported first. That’s partly because bad news is always a better story than good news. Also, it tends to be used as a market for anti-drug agencies to continue to soak in money from the government. As a society we know and...

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