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Adequacy Of Legislation Essay

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Legislations Relevant to Adolescents

There is a broad recognition that ideals for humanitarian welfare and provisions in policy frame work are not sufficient to ensure the well- being and social justice of people in a society. Sound judicial foundations in the form of legislative measures and political will, are equally important. All initiatives and programmes, particularly for children who are powerless sections of the society, are essential for achievement of social goals. The increasing emphasis on rights approach also endorses this view. Commitments under the CRC have made it obligatory that ...view middle of the document...

•1986The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulations Act)

•1994The Pre-natal Diagnostic Technique (Regulation, Prevention and Misuse) Act

•1996 The Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act.

However, the adequacy of these laws for protection of children is questionable and the enforcement of these is impoverished. It is unfortunate that ideals and norms set forth in our Constitution, laws, regulations and policies have not been completely implemented. If effective enforcement is achieved, the quality of life of children would improve tremendously. A unique feature in India in recent times has been the active role played by the judiciary and in particular by the Supreme Court, in upholding the rights of the child. The Supreme Court of India has developed the concept of jurisdiction under which any individual can approach the Court with regard to the violation of a fundamental rights. This concept of social action litigation in India represents an effort to use the legal system to ensure action to realise constitutionally guaranteed rights.

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