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Adhd Essay

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As a child, I have always been taught to trust the doctor because, “The doctor knows best”. As time went on and now a mother, I find that statement to be very misleading. You always hear and read different stories about doctors’ who diagnose a patient’s problem to early, and those who just make mistakes and misdiagnose a patient completely. That’s why I choose to do my paper on Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD. According to Carey, 1 to 2 percent of children likely have a brain malfunctions that warrant classification of something like ADHD, but that another 5 to 10 percent who are diagnosed with ADHD should not be (Carey, 2002).
ADHD is a psychological disorder in which the individual shows one or more of the following characteristics over a period of time: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity (King, 2008, p.531). This is very confusing to me because these certain characteristics are the ...view middle of the document...

Researcher have evidence from animals showing that the absence of ADHD, exposure to a stimulant such as Adderall or Ritalin can have long lasting negative effects on the brain and predispose individuals to later addiction problems (Leo,2005). It’s hard to believe that the pharmaceutical companies don’t have anything to do with this issue.
I believe that some children might benefit by seeing a therapist. The child might have some issue that they can’t express with their parents and a therapist is a new face that your child can confide in. As a child I know that seeing a therapist, just someone to talk to did me good. I mean it took me awhile to get us to the idea of telling a totally stranger my business but eventually I came around. Once you establish a certain level of trust with you therapist, hopefully the issue at hand can be identified.
Communication with your child is vital and often over looked. To me I would consider that one of the ways to understand what going on in your child’s busy brain. They might need to express their energy in a different way from you and I, just to concentrate on a task. Certainly I would rather my child get sweaty from running around the block a couple times to we’re off some energy than to be a “zombie”.
So before you take your child to see a psychiatrist and they get prescribed a pill. Just know that poor judgment of parenting can not only have a mental effect on your child but also a physical effect. Barkley and others (2002) noted that in the study that they conducted from youth with ADHD experience a higher dropout rate from school, fewer friends, becoming pregnant as a teen, contracting a sexual transmitted infection, and engaging in antisocial behaviors. To me that solution is lazy on the parent’s behalf and should be consider as bad parenting. I mean it isn’t the child’s fault that the parent doesn’t have enough time, or lack the improper skills to raise a child.
In conclusion, just take your time with your child and teach them the respect for life and the people in it. With parenting I believe that love and patience with your child goes a long way. We all must do our part as parents, and raise each one of our children to his or hers best ability.

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