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Adjusted And Implemented Instructional Plan Essay

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Adjusted and Implemented Instructional Plan


During the course of this instructional unit there were many factors that developed that shaped the instructional design and strategies used. The first challenge was that I became very ill during the course of teaching this unit. It was necessary that I took a day off to rest and recover; however, that extended my work sample and instruction time the students needed. I did have substitute plans and a lesson prepared for this however the substitute did not know how to teach it and my students did not grasp the knowledge they needed to gain. Another, factor that changed the course of this unit was the continuously assessing and re-assessing my students. I learned that homework for the ...view middle of the document...

With this information I knew that I needed to spend more time going over some of the basic components of fractions. Also in giving the pre-assessment I realized that my students did not fully understand or were aware of the purpose of the pre-assessment. We had to stop the pre-assessment about five minutes into the assessment to explain the purpose of it. This was a critical step with my students as it gave them a purpose for what they were doing. It also allowed for safe academic risk taking. They had the opportunity to attempt problems they may not have known how to solve and not be penalized if they solved incorrectly. This also allows me as the teacher to get an idea of the students thought process and how they attempt to solve problems using previous knowledge, guess and check or some other strategy. Using this information for the lesson I felt I was on the right track with my first lesson plan.

The goals for the first and second lesson centered on finding equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. This was centered on the Colorado Standards of identifying two equivalent expressions, finding equivalent expressions and using the greatest common factor. If I was to really look at my data from the pre-assessment I should have done a lesson on the basics of what fractions are and how we can visually represent fractions. In completing the first lesson I realized that I had not provided adequate time for students to complete their collaborative group work. With the combination of inadequate time and not spending enough instructional time on the basics of fractions, it became clear that I will have to go at slower pace than what I had originally planned for.

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