Adn Vs. Bsn Essay

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Competency Differences Between ADN vs BSN in Nursing

Grand Canyon University: Professional Dynamics

Competency Differences For ADN vs BSN in Nursing
Are all registered nurses created equal and the same? To simply put it, no they are not. A registered nurse may be prepared at the diploma level, associate-degree level, baccalaureate-degree level, master degree level, and some possess a doctoral degree. The focus of this paper will be directed at the differences in competencies between nurses prepared at the associate-degree (ADN) level and nurses prepared at the baccalaureate-degree (BSN) level. Graduates from either degree must pass an examination as put forth by the National ...view middle of the document...

1). Associate-degree level nurses are trained on nursing fundamentals and the basics of nursing. Their scope is more focused on hands-on patient care. However, without the additional formal education, this does not make the associate-degree nurse any less of a nurse. She is still able to care for her patient just the same as baccalaureate-level degree nurse. The main difference is that with the additional education the BSN nurse is more prepared to perform patient care outside of an acute care facility, whereas, the training for an ADN nurse is more appropriate for an inpatient setting. As an example, BSN nurses would be more favorable over ADN nurses as a community health nurse because of her studies in humanities and a more in-depth education in social sciences and public and community health. A baccalaureate-level degree education would have a nurse better prepared and equipped to handle the kind of patient care/education that is required of a community health nurse. Community health nurses are required to provide patient care, teach, and educate the community as a whole. As an associate-degree level nurse, his/her education would better prepare him/her for an acute patient care nurse in a hospital setting, where the care is more patient centered.
Secondly, nursing judgment is a competency that differs between an associate-level degree nurses and baccalaureate nurses. ADN nurses “make judgments in practice, substantiated with evidence, that integrate nursing science in the provision of safe, quality care and that promote the health of patients within a family and community context” ( BSN nurses “Make judgments in practice, substantiated with evidence, that synthesize nursing science and knowledge from other disciplines in the provision of safe, quality care and that promote the health of patients, families, and communities” ( While it is hard to differentiate on a scale which nursing judgment is more appropriate, it is easy to see that BSN nurses are able to utilize...

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