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Adobe Photoshop Essay

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Adobe Photoshop
A leading paint program from Adobe Systems, Inc. For many years, Photoshop has been the model against which other paint programs are compared. Initially, it ran only on Macintosh systems, which was a strong selling point for Macs, especially among graphic artists. Today, Photoshop runs on both Macs and Windows PCs.

Basic Components of Adobe Photoshop
Menu Bar
Option Bar
Tool Bar
Drawing Canvass

Different Tools in Adobe Photoshop
Move Tool
The move tool allows you to move objects. You ...view middle of the document...

To measure, choose the measure tool from the tool box. (It looks like a little ruler). Draw a line with it, and look at the info palette to see the angle, width, length and coordinates of your line.

Magnetic Lasso
For shapes that contrast with the background, this tool will snap to the edge when making a selection. Double click on the magnetic lasso icon to open the dialog box. You can set the strength of the "magnet" by entering values in the dialog box.

Frequency is the rate at which the lasso will fasten points. Enter a rate between 0 and 100. Lasso width determines how far the lasso will reach to find a high contrast edge. Enter a number between 1 and 100.

Edge contrast tells the lasso how to distinguish the desired edge from other pixels. A high value detects only images with sharp contrast to the background. A lower value detects low contrast images. On images with a well-defined border, you can use a wider lasso width and a high edge contrast, and you don't need to be precise when tracing. On a border with fuzzier edges, you should use a smaller width, lower edge contrast, and trace more carefully.

If you make a mistake and want to stop drawing, hit escape.

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