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Adverse Events and Data Management
Alice Robertson
January 19, 2015
Kym Pfrank

Adverse Events and Data Management
The term “adverse event” describes harm to a patient as a result of medical care. An adverse event indicates that the care resulted in an undesirable clinical outcome and that an underlying disease did no cause the clinical outcome. Adverse events include medical errors, such as the use of incompatible blood products, incorrect dispensing and administration of medications. Medication errors can result in patient harm including death.
Adverse events, near misses, incidents of any kind are to be reported and put in a system called Incident Response Improvement ...view middle of the document...

I would use the two different systems to pull data for comparison, and put the information in an Excel spreadsheet for easy comparison and collection of data. I also would interview the staff and managers involved to see what they can elaborate on about the medication error. I think collecting information from multiple sources gives a much better picture of what is occurring, and may give me more information than if I just retrieved information from one source.
Information, I would want to review, are but not limited to: What shift or time of day did the errors occur? Was the medication ordered STAT or routine? Where they PRN or one time only medications? Were the accurate allergies and weight documented and reviewed? Does the hospital have a dispensary such as a Pyxis? What does the policy state when dispensing drugs? Was the medications IV, PO, IM? Was the staff veteran or new graduates, RN or LPN? Does the hospital require yearly competency? Does the hospital have 24-hour pharmacy? Are the pharmacy technicians certified? I would collect all this information and put it in a spreadsheet then I can track the highest to lowest trends. I would look at the top problems and concentrate on making corrections. I believe in any issue there will always be outliers that do not require as much attention. All this information can be collected from incident reports through IRIS, Meditech, and Word documents saved in a drive for policies because we need to also know if our policies are not being followed or do the policies need updating, and from information given by staff and management.
I will collect all the information that I feel is pertinent to help with a resolution to our medication errors. I will pull out all the issues that tend to be a trend or the top contenders and work with them and see why they are high. Not to say all of them should not be addressed, but like I said there will always be outliers. I will use Excel for all the steps so I can then graph the data. I feel like people can...

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