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Advocacy Role Paper

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Advanced practice nurse’s are reimbursed at a lower rate for the same services than physicians by Medicare, Medicaid and other private insurance companies. American medical association sets our scope of practice and regulations and legislation is often influenced by these recommendations. Advanced practice nurses should be consider as equal members of the healthcare provider community and receive equal reimbursement. To make these changes one must develop a plan and advocate for the profession.
Advanced practice nurses are reimbursed at a lower rate, for the same services, than physicians. Medicare reimburses nurse practitioners at 85%, certified nurse midwives at 65 %, and ...view middle of the document...

It could be the increae cost related to increased reombursement that keeps them from pushing the issue. The affordable Care Act addressed Medicare reimbursement but did not adress APN’s specifically. The govener of Tennessee opted out of taking the money for the state. The federal govt. was to except the cost and reimburse at 100% this could have impacted advanced practice nurses in a positive way. As it stands
This issue needs to be addressed with more impact especially after the affordable care and patient protection act. Nurse practitioners will be a solution of the problem and will want to be reimbursed according to care not license.
Reimbursement of care provided by advanced practice nurses should equal physicians because they are providing the same service with equal or better outcomes. In a study done by Laurent, Herman, Reeves, Braspenning, & Spinbald, “The findings suggest that appropriately trained nurses can produce as high quality care as primary care doctors and achieve as good health outcomes for patients.” Naylor and Kurtzman found that Nurse Practitioners “out performed physicians in measures of consultation time, patient follow-up and patient satisfaction.”(Naylor & Kurtzman, 2010). A 2002 report to Congress by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, however, was unable to find reliable data to discern clear differences in the two groups’ outcomes and expenses.
NPs are legally authorized to diagnose, treat, and prescribe without mandated relationships with...

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