After Kyoto Essay

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After Kyoto

What will happen after 2012?

In 2012, the commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol will come to an end. The international climate community is currently working on finding its replacement, a new regime that will determine the future basis upon which global cooperation on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change impacts will take place. While formal negotiations are taking place under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Kyoto Protocol, numerous parallel initiatives lead by national governments and research institutes are shaping the nature of this discussion.
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• International Options
IISD is working independently and in collaboration with partners around the world to explore how climate issues might be addressed after 2012 through and outside of the formal UNFCCC process.
• Climate Change and Foreign Policy
Meeting the climate change challenge over the long term will require new thinking in foreign policy—thinking that considers climate change as much more than an environmental issue. IISD is supporting the development of this approach by examining how climate change concerns can be more fully integrated into: diplomacy and international relations; energy security; peace and security; trade and investment; and development cooperation.

Climate Coverage

IISD Reporting Services presents the latest news and analysis from key climate negotiations:
• UNFCCC workshop on Adaptation Planning and Practices (September 10 - 12, 2007)
• Vienna Climate Change Talks 2007 (August 27 - 31, 2007)
• UN General Assembly on Climate Change (July 31 - August 2, 2007)
• Biofuels in Africa (July 30 - August 1, 2007)
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