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Age Of Oili Independent Researchers Essay

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Age of OilIndependent researchers, used IEA’s same “bottom-up” data, have now stated the IEA was wildly optimistic. The Global Energy Systems Group has concluded the world actually reached Peak Oil in 2008, and global oil production will now begin to decline. Investment alone cannot fix the problem as the decline rates of existing fields are accelerating (Romm, 2010).The first alternative to the oil as a source of energy is the Hydropower. Hydropower is America’s leading renewable energy resource. Of all the renewable power sources, it is the most reliable, efficient and economical. TVA maintains 29 conventional hydroelectric dams throughout the Tennessee River system and one pumped-storage facility for the production of electricity ( ...view middle of the document...

Systems can help reduce peak loads, thereby postponing or preventing the need for additional base load energy generation and distribution infrastructure, such as new hydroelectric dams, coal-fired power generation stations, and underwater electrical cables.Over its lifetime, a solar hot water system easily pays for itself and further provides proofing against a trend of rising energy costs. According to the British Columbia Utility Commission, natural gas prices have increased an average of 12% per year since 1998. With gas prices on the rise, using a solar hot water system will save you even more in the future ( of the barriers is Lack of government policy supporting EE/RE. This includes the lack of policies and regulations supporting development of solar and other EE/RE technologies and the presence of policies and regulations hindering EE/RE development and supporting conventional energy development. Examples include fossil-fuel subsidies, insufficient consumer-based EE/RE incentives, and government underwriting for nuclear plant accidents and difficult zoning and permitting processes for renewable energy (Margolis & Zuboy, 2006). ReferenceMargolis, R., & Zuboy, J. (2006). . . Retrieved July 31, 2014, from
Romm, J. (2010, May 26). Peak oil production coming sooner than expected. ThinkProgress RSS. Retrieved July 31, 2014, from Retrieved July 31, 2014, from Hot Water. (2008). BC Sustainable Energy Association. Retrieved July 31, 2014, from

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