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Aging Population In Canada Essay

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Aging population in Canada

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Living arrangements in Canada are characterized by factors such as economical stability, marital status, family structure and size, health status, as well as cultural customs such as affinity patterns, the worth placed on living alone or with relatives, social services and social support and the physical characteristics of accommodation stock and local commune. From a strategy perspective, the specific mixes of the living arrangements also give clues to the requirement for formal services. While work has been carried out on how earnings, ...view middle of the document...

Logistics regressions using PUMF and GSS11 statistics proposes that while personal earnings and features of refugees play significant roles in encouraging living independently amongst older Canadians, their effects do not invalidate the role of culture amongst Chinese-Canadian seniors. Importantly, these effects differ substantially by gender and age. These findings highlight the heterogeneity of the seniors in Canada, which is frequently disregarded in the design and liberation of services to this section of the populace (Jones, 2009).

Changes in living arrangements and care-giving pattern come out as responses to changes in other life’s spheres. Demographic tendencies in fertility, immigration and mortality have an impact on relatives’ size and household arrangement, especially as these tendencies relate with the varying gender roles, increased learning and expanding employment chances. (Harris, & Manning, 2007)


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